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25 Christmas Special 2018 - The Nonagon Club!

December 11, 2018

Ho ho whoa! 9 guests?! In a tribute to the 9 Lessons & Carols, Paul our Host of Christmas Past flies his sleigh back through festive history. There are no live guests a-guesting - instead for our penultimate show, Paul has a voice-changer. It's not a great voice-changer, but it means we drop in on influential Christmassy words from:

- Astronaut TOM STAFFORD on pranking NASA 

- Private HENRY WILLIAMSON on sharing tobacco

- Writer CHARLES DICKENS on humbuggery

- Writer WASHINGTON IRVING on Christmas the English way

- Devonian clergyman RICHARD SMART on Christmas the man

- Puritan minister HEZEKIAH WOODWARD on Christmas the heresy

- King HENRY III on Christmas the dinner

- Saint HILARY of POITIERS on the first carol

- Charles M Schulz creation LINUS on the true meaning of Christmas

Phew! One more episode to go, for now. Join us in January. Merry Christmas!

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