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26 Steve Chalke & co - Beyond the Redgrave

January 16, 2019

Can it be? Our final episode? Yes. Yes it is. Stay subscribed for the future podcast that's currently percolating, due to replace this within the year. But for now enjoy 7 final conversational titbits from everyone's favourite 7-sided chat bunker...

- Charity mastermind STEVE CHALKE on his world-record-breaking feud with Sir Steve Redgrave
- BGT semi-finalist NOEL JAMES on televising 'the frog joke'
- Beatboxing champ GAV TYTE on teaches Paul to beatbox using a bag of cabbage
- Nomadic funnyman TONY VINO on Fijian language problems

- Vicar, author & prop-maker CRIS ROGERS on Butlins' secret swimming pool

- Presenting guru LEE JACKSON on why short is tough

- Comedic collator SIMON JENKINS on apocalyptic jumble sales
Thanks for listening! Look forward to bringing you something new soon...
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