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21 Bennett Arron & co - Play the Theme Tune, Sing the Theme Tune…

August 1, 2018
Edinburgh Festival Special time... 6 of our 7 guests are heading Fringewards with these googlable shows::
- BENNETT ARRON's I've Never Told Anyone This & Heard the One About Identity Theft?

- JAMES COOK's Boardgame Smackdown

- ANNA NICHOLSON: Woman of the Year
- MARK RITCHIE: Bob's Not My Uncle & Other Devastating Truths
- PIPPA EVANS in Brexit 2 & Showstoppers

- DOMINIC FRISBY's Financial Game Show

- non-Edinburghing but he's given us our theme song so he can do what he likes, ROB HALLIGAN 
Hear tales of upper-class rapping duels, irritating drinks machines, and what's behind the shows being performed by this month's magnificent 7.

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Music by Rob Halligan: www.robhalligan.co.uk 
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